Modern Podiatrist

clean | antifungal peppermint + grapefruit foaming soap

Our anti-microbial cleanser provides a luxurious lather, leaving your skin feeling soft + hydrated. Protect your skin and indulge in the revitalizing scent of grapefruit and peppermint!

Pour into your hand, puff, or washcloth. Massage onto wet skin for a lush lather, rinse away stress + bacteria and enjoy the recharging aroma of grapefruit + peppermint.

water, glycerin, citric acid, clotrimazole, grapefruit, peppermint & tea tree essential oils

about the product

made with you in mind


eliminate and prevent fungus that causes conditions like athlete’s foot, ringworm + more

Nail Repair

improves health and appearance of thickened + discolored nails

Prescription Strength

boosted with high quality active ingredients to provide prescription strength care at home

say goodbye to fungus

and hello to healthy skin + nails