These custom recipes were created by an actual doctor, not a corporation trying to make a buck. These tried and tested ingredient combinations have not only proven to be effective in her patients, 30% of them return to get gifts for their family members!

To submit for reimbursement of an HSA (Health Savings Account) item, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Obtain Documentation: Make sure you have the receipt of your purchase, or any other relevant documentation.

2. Log into your HSA Account: Access your HSA account either online or through your HSA provider's mobile app.

3. Locate the Reimbursement Section: Look for the section in your HSA account dedicated to submitting reimbursement requests. This may be labeled as "Claims" or "Expenses."

4. Submit Reimbursement Request: Fill out the reimbursement form provided by your HSA provider. You may need to provide details such as the date of the expense, the amount paid, the type of expense and any supporting documentation.

5. Attach Documentation: Upload or attach the necessary documentation to support your reimbursement request. This could include receipts, EOBs, or other relevant documents.

6. Review and Submit: Review the reimbursement request form and attached documentation for accuracy. Once you are confident that all information is correct, submit the request for processing.

7. Wait for Processing: Your HSA provider will review your reimbursement request and supporting documentation. Processing times can vary, so be patient while the request is being reviewed.

8. Receive Reimbursement: Once your reimbursement request is approved, the funds will be deposited into your HSA account. You may also receive a check or direct deposit for the approved reimbursement amount.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the reimbursement process, you can always reach out to your HSA provider's customer service department for support. They will be able to guide you through the process and address any concerns you may have.

Don't be alarmed if your skin puts up a fight at first after using natural ingredients enhanced with medical-grade products - it's common for them to give you the 'sting-and-tinkle' sensation or turn red as they adjust to the active ingredients! However, if your skin reaction persists, please seek medical attention.

We can guarantee, with pride and a whole lot of love: no animal was harmed in the making of these products!

Most of our products are all-natural. However, a select few are a perfect blend of ancient wisdom and modern science,To create the most effective product line, we had to submit to science. We added only a couple of ingredients that weren't all natural. That being said, even those enhanced products still have ~95% that are all natural!

Have you ever made a big change to your footcare routine? It might be exciting, but don't get too carried away - using products with high levels of active ingredients can cause an adjustment period as they settle into your skin. You may experience stinging or tingling sensations at first, and even some redness... just like when going on vacation in the sun! But if it doesn’t go away after a few days…well then something more sinister could be lurking beneath your skin and we recommend you seek medical attention.

If you're not sure about a footcare product, it's always safe to get in touch with us through email! We'll do our best to make sure your transition goes as smoothly and safely as possible.

Who knew that shopping for footcare products was so much like dating? Just as you should "ease in" to a new relationship, the same goes for incorporating active ingredients into your routine. Start slow and steady by using those products that contain Clotrimazole or Urea only three times a week -- no need to jump head-first! After all, even if it seems perfect on paper (or online), failure to take things slowly could lead your skin down an uncomfortable path.

Our footcare products might as well be called "doctor-prescribed," because they're designed by a medical genius and are clinically proven to perform. No marketing mumbo jumbo here - just healthcare results you can trust! Just check out Google reviews (Lexington Podiatry), you won’t regret it!

Time's a-ticking! Let us know ASAP if you need any changes to your order, or else it'll be too late. We're working hard here at our speed-of-light delivery service - 12 hours and counting down!

You can track your order's journey like a detective. If, for some unfamiliar reason you haven't received the tracking email yet, don't worry - we've got your back! Just shoot us an email at hello@modernpodiatrist.com and our ninja agents will resurface it in no time!

Need help with your order? Don't fret! Send us a snap of the product and your trusty order number within two days, and we'll have you fixed up in no time. Just shoot an email over tohello@modernpodiatrist.com- easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Got a case of buyer's remorse? No sweat! Check out our return policy - we got you covered for up to 30 days after delivery. Simply mail the unused product back and we'll process a refund once we receive it. Feel free to email us athello@modernpodiatrist.comanytime if ya need some assistance with your purchase...except gift cards, those are FINAL BOSS SALE -- no returns there, chap-deezy ;)

YES! Get ready world - here comes USA-awesome products headed your way soon.

Looking for feet that feel good? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Drop us a line at hello@modernpodiatrist.com– your tootsies deserve it!


Make someone's day with a gift card! With lots of denominations to pick from, you can give the perfect present in no time. No returns- it's final sale and all fun times ahead!

YES! Looking for the perfect gift and unsure of what to select? Head on over to Modern Podiatrist where you can pick from a range of sizes when it comes to buying your loved one (or not so loved ones, we don't judge) their very own custom Gift Card.

Don't wait too long to use those gift cards – they're only valid for a year! To keep tabs on your expiration dates, set yourself some reminders - you don't want all that money going unused.

If you're expecting a package, but it's nowhere to be found - don't worry! It could just mean that your order is being delivered in separate shipments. Check the status of your order and if there are any additional emails from us on top of that- then party time! If something else went wrong (like you received an item different than what was promised) get in touch with us right away so we can make sure everything gets sorted out.

Get ready for the ultimate CBD experience! Our products are made with cannabidiol, a powerful extract from hemp. So, get chillin'—it's time to finally reap all of the calming benefits this plant has to offer!

CBD and THC may come from the same family of compounds, but one's for fun-time party vibes—while the other is more about chillaxing with a cup of chamomile! As far as Hemp vs Marijuana goes… both have Cannabis in their genes. But if it has less than 0.3% THC - hey presto! It’s hemp – while anything higher will be known to all its mates simply as 'Marijuana'.

No need to worry about any unexpected excursions if you take CBD! Our products don't contain THC, the compound that will make your senses a little more... heightened.

Before using any magic potion, be sure to consult a magical health care wizard! Especially if you're expecting a baby or taking some mystical medicines... And don't forget the kiddos – no underage witches and wizards allowed.

Rejuvenate your skin with Soothe! Whether you're dealing with pain or just need a refreshing transition from one season to the next, let this calming sensation work its magic and get ready for feeling revitalized.

If you have questions about our fabulous product, check out the package or head over to its page here on the website for all the details! Just don't miss out on this great opportunity - trust us; it's worth a look-see.

Don't let dry skin get you down! We've got the perfect solution: our 24-hour moisturizer and balm. Our lightweight body lotion is like a breath of fresh air for your tired, thirsty pores - it instantly leaves skin feeling soft and nourished. And for long lasting hydration, seal in moisture with our thick balm – packed full of goodies from shea butter to coconut oil that'll pamper your complexion all day (and night!)

YES and YES!

We only use the best ingredients to ensure your experience with us is top notch! Our partnerships guarantee that what ends up in our products are all safe and effective, so you can have peace of mind. We don't settle for anything less than perfection!

Dr. Freels knows her hometown of Portsmouth, Ohio like the back of a foot, so it's no surprise that Modern Podiatrist formulations are lovingly crafted there by a veteran-owned company!

Looking to buy in bulk? We've got you covered! Just email hello@modernpodiatrist.com, and our team will do the heavy lifting for you. Let's get your wholesale adventure started today!

Working with all natural ingredients can be tricky business! You might find that if your carefully curated concoction isn't used for a while or exposed to changing temperatures, it could separate. But don't worry — just give it a good stir and you'll have your original brew back in no time. Just make sure you keep the jar upright when storing... unless maybe doing some fun mad scientist experiments is more up your alley?

Please visit the Brand Ambassador tab under "Contact" for more information. If you’d like to be placed on the list to be interviewed for this highly coveted position, please email hello@modernpodiatrist.com.